Men's League


Sunday Afternoons | June 14th - August 11th

Ages: 18+
Time: Game times will vary for every team each week. Generally within 1pm-6pm start times
Cost: $250 per team


Location: The Den, DMACC Boone Campus

League Information

  • Each team is guaranteed 7 games – 6 regular season and a one day, single elimination, bracket format playoff
  • During post-season play, all teams should be prepared to play multiple games each league day as bracket play dictates.
  • Game times will vary for all teams from week to week, generally within the 1:00-6:00pm start times on Sundays
  • Post-season games for ALL TEAMS will be formulated once regular season play has been completed
  • Depending on facility availability, there may be a few teams on –bye- week on certain days
  • Each team is required to use team uniforms or an identified team color during each game. Each team member needs to bring this uniform or team color shirt to each game, along with a white shirt in case the other team uses the same color, to use for identification purposes

Game Play

  • Games consist of two twenty-minute halves with continually running time. Each team is allowed two time-outs per game. The last 1 minute of the first half, and the last 2 minutes of the game will have stop-time. If the game remains tied, one 3 minute overtime period, with 1 minute of stop-time will be played. Overtimes will be repeated until a winner is declared
  • Halftime will be 5 minutes
  • Substitutions may occur at any dead-ball situation (a whistle). The game officials must be made aware of all substitutions.
  • Alternate possession rule is in effect for the entire length of the contest, after the initial tip to start the game.
  • Seven team fouls in a half earns the opponent the bonus (one-and-one free throws). The double bonus (two free throws) is in effect starting with the tenth team foul per half.
  • All fouls are team fouls and not charged as individual fouls.